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Our Story

Site-1 is a space-themed brewing company. Just as humanity has only recently begun its exploration into space, we, too, seek to explore the opportunities for new ways to run our craft brewery and provide an amazing guest experience for the community.  

We seek to create a constellation of beers with a brand focused on craft and a collaborative culture.


We are explorers and we ask you to embrace the adventure with us. Forget the small steps.  Are you ready to take the leap?


Our values drive everything we do and who we are. 

  • We value the craft

  • We challenge the status quo

  • We are thirsty

  • Everyone is welcome here

  • We foster creative collaboration

  • We serve out-of-this-world experiences

Our brewery is also one of Omaha's most unique private event venues. We offer a stunning out-of-this-world space themed atmosphere featuring high ceilings, and the beautiful restoration of the 100+ year old building in what has historically been called Auto Row. The building was previously home to car and tire companies and a printing press. 


Site-1 is named after the launch site of the beginning of the race to the moon. To honor this, our tap room is designed around the exploration of space and includes a 3D art mural which is a replica of the sea of tranquility, the first landing site on the Moon.

Meet the Brewers

Head Brewer

Dave Link: Head Brewer

The elder statesman and resident curmudgeon of our brewing team, Dave, grew up in Omaha and made the leap into craft beer after a 10-year career in marketing and digital media.


Before joining the Site-1 brew crew in 2020, he oversaw the operation of Infusion Brewing’s Benson facility. Dave describes his brewing style as seasonal – pale ales in the spring, crisp lagers in the summer, malty reds and browns come fall, and roasty, rich stouts in the winter. 


When he’s not in the brewhouse, you’ll find Dave spending time with his wife and daughter, getting lost in beer nerdery with his friends, and avoiding yard work like the plague.


Yeager Sharpe: Assistant Brewer

While everyone else was buying their favorite American Light Lagers to play beer pong with, Yeager was buying craft sampler packs. Once others caught wind of what he was drinking, Yeager began hiding his precious craft suds from everyone in the bushes in the front yard.

From those early days, Yeager went on to spend 15 years growing within one of Colorado’s largest legacy breweries. 


His passion for craft beer and the industry brought about many adventures, new friends, and led to Yeager achieving Level Two Cicerone Certification. After moving to Omaha, NE Yeager once again chose the path of craft beer. After a short stint at a legacy Omaha brewery, Yeager finally landed at Site-1 Brewing where he continues his passionate exploration of craft beer as the assistant brewer. Yeager also likes hikes up the hills nearby, fishing, and wrestling with his son.

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